So, for some strange amounted reason if I eat any gluten, wheat or dairy my anxiety seems to go through the roof. I think its because I am gluten intolerant, I must have built a tolerance up for it over the years and when i tried a gluten free diet when I ate it again my anxiety went crazy so I am not gluten free, and then I became dairy free and now I just went the whole hog and try not to eat anything processed, this created a problem for most meals plan out there and for meal plans I used to use.

I’ve had about two years off being strict in the gym and with my diet. I’ve been dairy, gluten, wheat and lactose free but I’ve found myself eating things like homemade egg and chips, belly pork, whole meat joints and more just to keep my calories up and well because they are so nice.

So I thought it was about time I put together a real meal plan for myself to follow. The two criteria I am after is:

  1. Lower Body Fat Percentage

  2. Build Lean Muscle

So its not hard at all to create your own meal plan. There are only a few steps which I will take you through below.

STEP 1 – Calculating Your Macro Needs

So I need to know how many calories my body needs to maintain its current weight. This is important because the calorie amount you intake determines whether you loose weight, gain weight or stay the same. Then you need to split this down into how much Proteins, Carbs & Fats you intake to make up the calorie amount.

So its easy to calculate your macro needs by just using an online macro calculator. I just did a quick search and found this site:

Calorie Counter

So My Calculations were as Follows.


Carbohydrate: 301g which is 40.2% of my daily calorie intake.

Protein: 263g which is 35.8% of my daily calorie intake.

Fat: 84g which is 25.0% of my daily calorie intake.

STEP 2 – Calculating Your Meal Plan

So now we know our daily calorie need and our macro split we need to create a meal plan out of it. To create my meal plan I used myfitnesspal to calculate all the macro’s and calories of each meal to make up my daily goal. Below is the meal plan I created for myself with all calculations to show.Rillamode Gluten Free - Dairy Free - Whear Free - Meal Plan - Bulking Cutting