Throughout history it seems evident that the majority or people wish to be smarter, they wish to be wiser. Is this something you should really dream of, or is it a false hope, is it a burden?

Some of the smartest and most admired people throughout history were burdened, Abraham Lincoln and Charles Dickens both suffered from chronic depression throughout his whole life, Ludwig von Beethoven suffered from bi-polar, Edvard munch suffered from severe panic attacks, there are studies showing how Michelangelo could have suffered from autism, Charles Darwin suffered from agoraphobia. Many believe that Charles Darwin suffered from bi-polar, while my list is very small you can be sure the list goes on and on.

I have always wondered the link between how smart you are and how happy you are. If you take a look around just in your daily life it is hard not to come to the realisation that the smarter you are the more unhappy your life will be.

While it i an extreme example, the problems of a whole race are shouldered by the wisest and the weakest of knowledge are often the happiest, going about their daily lives completely ignorant of anything that does not effect them in the moment.

The strongest are often burdened by everything yet the weakest are burdened by nothing.

It is hard to not wonder if the wisest of all mankind would wish to not be wise at all.



Seriously how many times do you guys need to read that this is just one guys view, oh actually, its one guy and his dogs view on the world.