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Sunday, January 19, 2020
Mental Health Warrior

Mental Health Warrior

Have you ever felt beaten by the world, by a day or by life? How about feeling beaten down to the ground by your...
Anxiety and Sleep

Overcoming The Dark

Having anxiety can sometimes feel like you are on your hands and knees, your hands completely covered in dirt, dried blood and finger nails...
the lost days

How The Mighty Fall

Throughout history it seems evident that the majority or people wish to be smarter, they wish to be wiser. Is this something you should...
4PM Madness

4.00PM Madness

For some reason I used to do this thing, I call it the "4.00pm Madness" thing, There used to be a reason for me...
Anxiety Is No Excuse For Envy

Anxiety Is No Excuse For Envy

The look I give, can sometimes seem ominous, it can sometimes seem like I look at the world and the people who reside in...