Now I know that I can not be the only one who thinks that Wenger must have completely lost the plot. He has just signed a new 2 year contract, which is worth a fair bit of money but really, does he need the money? Does he need to stay at Arsenal? How can someone who portrays himself as a smart man be so stupid?

Now if we look back on his time with Arsenal then the facts speak for them selves. Arsene is truly one of the great managers to ever delve into the game of football.

Arsene Wenger 1996 - 2017 Arsenal

If you take a look back on what he has achieved at Arsenal over the years, over the seasons, then his return is very respectable and even the most un-loyal Arsenal fan must admit he has proved himself to be a great manager. On the surface this may seem great, he may seem a hero to Arsenal FC, but in reality is he the hero he is made out to be?

Lets take a look back, at the beginning of he reign his was magnificent, a warrior intent on plundering the riches of English football for his own glory. These years brought us the double in 97-98 and brought us undoubtedly one of the best teams to ever grace the Premier League, The Invincibles, we all know them, there is no need for me to quote stats and quite frankly I cant be bothered. But then came the years noone really wants to talk about. All I hear is how he guided Arsenal to the Champions league for a consecutive 17 seasons, when in reality, what Arsene really did was guide his team of underachievers to a trophy-less hall for 8 years.

Let me say that again! 8 F*****G YEARS! 8 years without a trophy. This wasn’t some mid table side we are talking about, this is Arsenal, this is the team of invincibles. Now yes he has now won a trophy but does it not seem like he could not fathom how to win the league so instead he decided to try and win the FA CUP, which admittedly he did, but he did it in years where teams were playing weakened second string sides, I do not want to take away from Arsenals achievements of winning the FA CUP but really they beat Hull City in the 13-14 final, then Aston Villa in the 14-15 final and then they just beat Chelsea in the 16-17 final, the last final I cant fault them on but what I am trying to say is that, is beating Hull City and Aston Villa really the thing Arsenal fans dream of, is the board content with winning a trophy other clubs seem to have forgotten about, Is qualifying for the champions league each year really an achievement when you know they wont make it to the final?

Many years have passed since the age of the invincibles but yet he still thinks of his team as the best in the league when clearly they are not.

He is so loyal to players, which is admirable but it is not what makes a great manager. Take Jack Wiltshire for example, great player, terrible injury record, never played enough games, but yet Arsene persisted with him for far more years than he should have.

He is loyal to the club and its wage structure in a time when that wage structure is obsolete.

He refuses to pay money for the top players, siting that the transfer market has gone crazy, which is nonsense, if you look back through the years the transfer value of players has always increased. Surely he should move with the times and not let Arsenal be left behind picking up the scraps of great players.

For years, sections of the fans have been crying out for him to leave, not out of disloyalty but out of frustration at their beloved club being left behind, out of frustration for his stubbornness. Each year that passes, more and more fans turn on him, yet he still stays, he could leave a legend but he seems desperate to leave a failure.

Take this season for example. It was clear to see for anyone watching the events of the premier league unfold that the contract saga surrounding Arsene and Arsenal was affecting his teams ability to get results but still he deemed in necessary to put his team and the fans through months of uncertainty regarding his future, causing their season to crumble. Yes they won the FA CUP but this was in spite of his arrogance. Only after the season had ended did he announce he had signed a new 2 year deal, why not announce that back in January and save the team from uncertainty for half the season. How on earth could he think ignoring the contract sage was a good thing?

I feel sorry for the Arsenal fans having to endure two more years of his arrogance.

I could go on forever, I won’t, but I will ask you again, has Arsene gone crazy?