Humanity, a collective of all races, gender, beliefs and more. Yet humanity is anything but humane. The illogical spreads through our society’s like wildfire. Our world of human being’s seems set on rewarding the weak of mind with glory, with celebrity status, with riches, with a place in society they can call home. All of this for no logical reason.

To anyone with the willingness to open their eyes, they can see our world is crumbling, greed and overpopulation is destroying the world we love, yet humanity seems hell bent on the complete avoidance of this fact.

Through distractions such as wars that are created for no reason, through political debate that means nothing other that a new face to hold accountable, through puppets dangled in front of you for you to laugh at the illogical and abysmal reasoning of how he ever came to power, such things as these show how humanity seems to be in some sort of trance it cannot break from.

This is no more evident that when you look at the main crisis facing our planet, overpopulation will be the downfall of our whole race. Humanity is increasing at an exponential rate, a rate that is so steep that even mother nature has taken note and is beginning to take its first steps to eradicate the overwhelming threat to the earth. Natural disasters are becoming more frequent. Water levels are rising. Diseases are increasing and are becoming more self preservative. The world, mother nature and our planet are trying to take back their own fate, but the more they try, the more humanity fights for survival. If you follow the paths of each then it is not a matter of if, but when will the worst happen.

The old saying that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer is more and more evident with every passing second. The super rich now control the media, with freedom of speech being muted and freedom of the press being overrun by the greedy.

We live in a society where only a select few will take the leap of faith and stand against the impending doom of the whole human race, yet when they do they are ridiculed, belittled, ignored and silenced.

I urge the people of the world to wake up, to open your eyes, I urge you to switch off the brainwashing program you call entertainment and take a look around, investigate what is really happening in the world and make a stand before it is to late.




Seriously how many times do you guys need to read that this is just one guys view, oh actually, its one guy and his dogs view on the world.